Since 1996, International Science & TechnologyTM has strived to help individuals, small and large businesses to build a successful presence on the Internet and World Wide Web. With these core principles, International Science & TecnologyTM will treat you like family.

International Science and TechnologyTM(IS&T,Inc) is a multidimensional Engineering & Technology services provider. It offers affordable options for Green Building and Sustainable Development, Hybridized Renewable Energy Solution, Engineering, Geomatics and eBusiness, eCommerce application development, Datacenter Support and Web Hosting. Affiliations with the leading producers of servers, software developers, storefront software and merchant banks, Civil & Mechanical Engineering and Geomatics Technology companies enables International Science and TechnologyTM to provide a single source for all Engineering, internet and Intranet needs for small and medium scale businesses.

Our Mission


International Science & Technology InstituteTM aims to match and provide the needs of it’s clients and partners with expert consultation and close collaboration. ISTITM will provide a comprehensive ranges of services in the area of IT, Academics, Geomatics and Engineering Knowledge Process and will respond to the burgeoning demand globally, in a rationale, professional and transparent manner that results in the provision of services within the appropriate constraints of time and cost and at the highest levels of professionalism.