Our Wireless Group has extensive experience in the construction engineering and design of wireless sites for major carriers across North America and Internationally. Our ability to provide cost-effective services that are scalable for the entire wireless engineering and construction life cycle provides our clients with a strong advantage over their competitors.

  • Quality services delivered on time
  • Reasonable prices
  • Expedited delivery
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

Professional Engineering and Design Services

  • Site Acquisition Services
  • Zoning, Licensing and Permitting
  • Land Use Planning
  • Structural Design and Analysis
  • Tower and Foundations Optimized Design and Detailing
  • Rooftop Tower Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Telecom Design
  • HVAC Design
  • Mesh Networks
  • RF Design
  • Equipment Solutions
  • Power and Telco Coordination


  • Detailed engineering
  • Review engineering
  • Technical Bid assistance and engineering
  • 3D modeling and design
  • As-built engineering (through laser survey)

Civil & Structural

  • Preparation of technical bid evaluation
  • Preparation of Design basis and technical specification
  • Structural layouts and sizing
  • Design calculation reports and documentations
  • Bill of materials,
  • 3D Modeling in PDS-Frameworks
  • Drawing composition, extraction & checking
  • Preparation of fabrication / shop drawings
  • Plant As built
  • Preparation of 2D drawings (General arrangement, reinforcement & detailed drawings
  • Preparation of Under ground piping drawings

Instrumentation & Electrical

  • Preparation of design basis and control philosophy
  • Preparation of Instrumentation design basis
  • Preparation of Instrument Installation drawings (Hook up drawings)
  • Cable schedules
  • Bill of material
  • Instrument Loop diagrams
  • Preparation of Level sketches, Input / Output list and Interlock logic diagrams
  • Preparation of DCS / PLC System configuration drawings
  • Instrument Layouts, Cable duct / tray routing and Control room layouts
  • Control panel engineering and System engineering for Control Systems
  • Sizing calculations of Flow meters, Control valves etc
  • Nest loading details of Control automation systems
  • SCADA I/O list
  • Power and control cable schedules and cable drum schedules
  • Design of power systems – Load Analysis
  • Preparation of Single Line Diagrams, System studies, Short Circuit / Load Flow / Relay Coordination / Grounding /Motor Starting studies